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High peak 2

Oil on canvas, 60x60. 1800 dkr.

The Fox

Oil on canvas.Digitally manipulated poster. 70x60. 1500 d.kr 

Cell 3

Oil, lin oil on canvas. 70x50. 3500 d.kr

The stone inside the Rock

Oil on canvas. Digitally manipulated.40x40. 500 d.kr


Oil on canvas. 70x60. 3400 d.kr

Spring Woman

Carbon drawing, digitally manipulated, poster.SOLD

The Fox. Original

Oil on canvas. 70x60. 3500 d.kr


Oil on canvas. 100x80. 3500 d.kr


Oil, linoil on canvas. 90x70. SOLD


Carbon drawing, digitally manipulated.80x70.Poster. SOLD.

Under Verden

Oil, linoil on canvas.80x60. 2500 d.kr.