Portfolio: Kent Daniel Kovacs

Aarhus d.15/4.2017

CV: Kent Daniel Kovacs




  • 1981-1982. Lived in an old hut surrounded with fresh Nature. Began and finished my first oil and canvas paintings.

  • 1982-1986. Painting while studying.

  • First open gallery exhibition . Gallery Gallo and ‘the Gallo house’

  • 1986-1989. Various Art studies at Aarhus Art academy.


  • 1989-1998. World travels and painting. Exhibitions: various cafes and galleries in Aarhus from 1992. E.g. ‘Rejsecafeen’, ‘ café Englen’ and Gallery Gallo.

  • 1998-2002. Education: Adult Teacher in English, Danish and Art (Aarhus Seminar). Worked as a subsistude Teacher in Danish Red Cross in Silkeborg,

  • 2002-2005. Taught English to people from various countries in Thailand/ charcoal drawing studies.

  • 2005-…. Member of the Art group Gall. Atelier.

  • 2006-2011. Exhibitions at several places in Aarhus. Ex. The Mayor’s Office, Cabi, gallery Lyrum, Mindspot, Huset etc. Apperance in Aarhus local tv channel’s Cultural News.

  • 2009-2013. Several pictures sold through the London based Art consult company www.roomandart.com

  • 2009-2013 Forth running exhibition at Gallery Spartakus (Aarhus).

  • 2012-2013. Member of the World organization of Art. www.zhibit.org.

  • 2013. Interview based on my reaction and impression as an artist of The New Artists exhibition in Aarhus Kunsthal (2013).

  • 2013. Member of www.MyArtSpace.dk

  • 2013. Furthermore a radio interview of my achievements, goals and idea of what I try to convey to the world through my artwork.

  • 2013. Reached the final in the Danish contest . “the best artwork of the year”.

  • 2014. Exhibition at Gallery ‘ArtDanmark’ Hillerød Copenhagen. Exhibition in Godsbanen, Aarhus.

  • 2015. Printed article in the American art magasin ARTPLATFORM.

  • 2015. Exhibition in Godsbanen, Aarhus.

  • 2016 until now self employed artist. Website: artdanielkovacs.com